Free BlackBerry 7100t

Free BlackBerry 7100t, Offer expires 12/10/2004.

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Sprint to Upgrade Data Network EV-DO

Sprint is reported to increase their investment on EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) technology

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Orange 3G Wireless Service

Orange finally rolled out its 3G service today after a series of delay. A couple of points to keep in mind though:

  • Behind Vodafone and 3 in UK. mmO2 is coming.
  • 2 million subscribers in UK by 2006, 10K in France by end of 2004.
  • Coverage: 70% UK population, 11 major cities.
  • Phones: from Sanyo (S750), LG (U1850), Sony Ericsson, Samsung (Z107). (Nokia is notably missing.)
  • Data: 50MB data & 60 mins video-calling included in basic plan ranging from 30 to 70 pound.


On Jan 3, 2005, Orange officially announced that they signed up 16,500 3G users in France in the last month of 2004.

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Mobile Entertainment Driving 3G?

Forbes has a story on Mobile Entertainment being the Driving Force behind 3G Adoption.

Doug Rasor, VP and manager for worldwide strategic marketing at Texas Intrsument, was quoted as saying: “Custom ring tones, 3D games, multi-megapixel cameras, video and digital TV are just a few of the cool mobile entertainment applications pushing the industry”.

Now, all this is no secret to anyone who has an interest in the mobile space that mobile games and entertainment is going to be big. But I don’t see the adoption of 3G accelerating in the U.S. unless the big carriers here change their conservative (i.e. we are not going to invest in 3G until we see adoption) and greedy (i.e. we are going to charge you $0.1 per SMS, $1.99 per ringtone) mindset.

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ESPN Branded Wireless Service

ESPN is rolling out white lable wireless service. What does this tell us in the mobile business?

  • Brand is king.
  • Content is king.
  • Sports Content is king.

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