The Blackberry Pearl Ringtones Story

August 23rd, 2007

Ever since the BlackBerry Pearl device came out with the ability that allows you to use any real mp3 songs as your ringtones, people have been enjoying the free ringtones they always wanted to use. Free as in you don’t have to pay 2 bucks for a 20 seconds tune for which you already own the whole song.

Verizon Wireless apparently didn’t like that reality that people didn’t want to pay for ringtones. They initially disabled the BlackBerry 8100 Mp3 ringtone feature but I don’t know if they later re-added the feature back in. In any case, you still have other choices of wireless carriers for your BlackBerry Pearl. Cingular (now ATT) will be happy to take your business.

Install Ringtones on BlackBerry Pearl

Another obstacle still exists even if you have an unrestricted Blackberry Pearl device: it is not so easy or obvious for average users to get mp3 ringtones onto a Blackberry Pearl. You will need to have a web server that hosts your Mp3 Blackberry Pearl Ringtones, or you will have to search very hard on the internet to find free ringtone websites that allows over-the-air download of ringtones to your BlackBerry 8100. Of course, if you already are familiar with RIM’s Desktop Manager AppLoader, then you will have no problem loading mp3 ringtones onto your Blackberry Pearl.

Change Ringtones on BlackBerry Pearl

If you want to change the ringtone for the entire phone, you need to go to Profile, bring up the menu and select Show Tunes, you then highlight a ringtone and pick ‘Set As Phone Tune’. If you just want to set a different ringtones for each different caller in your BlackBerry contact list, you just need to go to your contact or address book. You can then Edit the contact you want to change ringtone, bring up the menu and select ‘Add Custom Phone Tune’. You are done!

As a bonus, if you want a free 20 seconds Dixie Chicks ringtone for BlackBerry pearl, just open this URL- on your BlackBerry web browser.

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