Motorola iPhone Killer Among Many New Phones Unveiled

May 15th, 2007

Motorola CEO Ed Zander famously gave the press and bloggers alike ample to talk about even before Tuesday’s new moto phone announcement. Among a bunch of new moto cell phones, there is the now infamous iPhone killer, Razr2.

The new Razr2 multimedia phone is 2 mm thinner than its first generation RAZR phone. Responding to user complaints of the previous music phone, Motorola has embedded 2GB of storage for the new RAZR2. That should be plenty of room for most mobile music fans.

The new Razr2 also has an updated video screen and a speedy ARM11 CPU, which makes it possible to download a song in a few seconds.

Other new Motorola cell phones unveiled include Z8, Moto Q and Rokr, that feature beefed up multimedia and messaging capabilities. The Z8, for example, will be shipped with “The Bourne Identity,” a full-length movie pre-loaded on a microSD card. Some Rokr models will be offered with a Napster feature for music downloading.

The Moto Z8 also has two impressive screen. The 2 inch external screen allows you to quickly scan your incoming text message and reply with pre-configured messages all without opening up the phone. The Motorola Z8 also features the new Linux/Java platform.

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