Nokia Offers Mobile Workforce Tools

Nokia is providing a set of tools based on RFID technology to help businesses get the most from their workers in the field. The Nokia field force offering is targeted at the security, services, utilities and health care industries, as well as government agencies.

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Nokia 7700 Still Not Available Yet?

The Nokia 7700, the first Nokia in the so-called mobile media device category, seems still not available yet.

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The Netflix in Game Rental

Although I have just come to know GameFly. They apparently have been relatively successful in getting the message out to the public. They won the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award in Oct. 2004. And they also started their affiliate marketing program with (Full disclosure: clicking on the GF banner at the right and signing up for a free trial will earn this site a commission.)

I did a search on their site. It seems that they do have most of the popular games on all major game consoles. I would be interested in knowing more about their ability to convert trials into subscription customers and keep them. The business of game rental does seem different to me from that of DVD rental. Most people watch a DVD movie only once and be done with it. But gamers are likely to spend more time on each game and more likely to keep it (i.e. buy it) if they truely like it. Lastly, the target audience for game rental should be smaller than DVD rental. But in any case, this is an interesting trend to watch.

Onto wireless gaming, is anyone out there already copying the Netflix model?

Add comment December 22nd, 2004

European Research Says Mobile Phones Harm Cells

Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA in laboratory conditions, according to a new study majority-funded by the European Union, researchers said on Monday.

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Sprint Adds Music Choice to Vision

Sprint is betting this is a mass-application opportunity.

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