Sprint Adds Music Choice to Vision

December 20th, 2004

“Music, and entertainment in general, is popular with our customers, and this is added entertainment value,” Sprint spokesperson Jackie Bostick told NewsFactor. “This is a mass-market application for music lovers, not something that can directly compete with the iPod.”

Sprint customers can subscribe to a basic package of multimedia services, called Sprint TV, offering news, sports and entertainment, including Music Choice Today. Music Choice also can be ordered a al carte for $5.95 per month. Bostick added that the Sprint Multimedia Pack, with Sprint TV, Picture Mail, Video Mail and text messaging, is available at $25 per month.

Full story at Yahoo News.

I don’t think music lovers are going to flock to this service any time soon. I always believed that wireless operators should just focus what they do best: providing voice and data communication pipes and leave providing premium content to content providers. Imaging if they choose to team up with Apple on this service as an iTune extension instead, they will instantly have a large pool of customers happily paying for tunes. They will have much better chance of succeeding, and get there faster!

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