Wireless Data Service Recommendation for Carriers

The Yankee Group 2004 Mobile User Survey shows that awareness of wireless data services skyrocketed during the past year. Wireless data constitutes nearly 4% of total service revenue and is still virtually a rounding error for most carriers.

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3G Services Competition Heats Up in Hong Kong

Wireless service provider CSL & SmartTone rolled out new 3G services in December, following the lead of 3 Hong Kong.

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Tsunami Help Campaign

As the tsunami tragedy continues to unfold, many people in the blogsphere admirably acted, one of them being Om Malik, who created the following tsunami help campaign button. Please click on the button to read more on how to help.


Malik also called on HP and Carly to get involved in the effort by donating computers and printers. I think that mobile technology can play an even greater role in the rescuing and disaster surveying effort. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung – please donate your latest and greatest camera phones.

Add comment December 29th, 2004

ATT Wireless Still Leads on Phone Selections

If you have recently strolled into any local wireless store, you will find that AT&T wireless stores still have the best selection on phones.

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Cingular Media Package

Taking another look at Cingular MEdia package, I think that the package has become more attractive since I last checked. For $19.95, you got unlimited wireless internet, 1500 SMS, 200 MMS etc. That seems satisfactory to most users. The only question is then what applications would compell the average users to subscribe to this plan.

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