Cingular Media Package

December 27th, 2004

Taking another look at Cingular MEdia package, I think that the package has become more attractive since I last checked. For $19.95, you got unlimited wireless internet, 1500 SMS, 200 MMS etc. That seems satisfactory to most users. The only question is then what applications would compell the average users to subscribe to this plan.

Anyway, here is what is currently on their website (12/27/2004).

MEdia Packages

Discover what your phone can do. Send messages, share photos,
download ringtones, and more—each is a part of Cingular MEdia. Our
MEdia packages include Wireless Internet access, Instant/Text Messaging,
and Multimedia Messaging. Choose the package that fits you best.

Package MEdia Basic MEdia Works
Monthly Charge $7.99 per month $19.99 per month
Text/Instant Messages Included 250 per month 1,500 per month
Additional Text/Instant Messages $0.10 per message $0.03 per message
Multimedia Messages Included 50 per month 200 per month
Additional Multimedia Messages $0.25 per message $0.20 per message
Wireless Internet Express 1 MB Unlimited
Additional Wireless Internet Express $0.01 per KB N/A

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