A Little BlackBerry 8800 Primer

March 31st, 2007

I wrote a post a while about the BlackBerry 8800 briefly. Since then I am sure a lot of people have got hold of one either from Verizon or Canada’s Rogers. I know a few of my friends are already on the bleeding edge:-)

Email and Web Browsing 

If you have owned a Blackberry before, you know these two flagship features pretty well. It works pretty much the same, only better ’cause you have a full QWERTY keyboard on your Blackberry 8800.

Entertainment: Ringtones

The Blackberry 8800 supports both Polyphonic ringtones and true mp3 ringtones. How to copy your ringtones to the 8800 depends on whether you have a USB data cable or you have access to downloadable ringtones from the WAP or web. Here are a few of those sites that offers ringtone juice for your Blackberry. If there is the note “WAP:” in front of link, that means you want to use BlackBerry’s wap browser to access the URL.

James Bond Wallpaper

Entertainment: Wallpapers and Themes

Here are some places on the web where you can try your hands on free Wallpapers and Themes for your shiny new Blackberry 8800.

If you are looking for Blackberry Pearl Themes, you can click here. Or click the next link for BlackBerry Curve 8300 themes, BlackBerry 8700 themes, BlackBerry 7290 themes, BlackBerry 7250 themes.

More BlackBerry Resources:

Blackberry Pearl Ringtones

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