Treo 700p Powered by Palm OS

Palm annouced that latest Treo 700p smartphone powered by Palm OS. It is the second Treo device after the 700w to take advantage of 3G wireless data network. What’s significant for PalmOS (owned by ACCESS) is that this is their first EV-DO (3G technology used by Sprint & Verizon Wireless) capabile OS release.

According to Palm’s newsletter: “The Treo 700p smartphone provides the features you want in one go-anywhere, Palm OS┬« device. Like the Treo 650 smartphone, it includes phone and email capabilities, Palm OS organizer, web access, messaging, MultiMediaCard/SD/SDIO expansion, and integrated Bluetooth┬« wireless technology. But this premium device also delivers broadband-like speed1, superior power, and more memory for the Palm OS than ever before.”

Treo 700p

Add comment May 15th, 2006

Microsoft and Qualcomm Collaborates on Windows Mobile

Microsoft and Qualcomm said that they will specifically work on porting Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system onto Qualcomm’s Convergence Platform MSM (Mobile Station Modem) wireless chip sets. The main goal is to make it easier for smart phone device makers to bring more windows mobile based mobile devices quicker.

According to analysts at Gartner, sales of smart phones running on Windows Mobile should reach 64.5 million by 2009.

Although Microsoft’s Windows Mobile still is far behind market leader Nokia Symbian but they are slowing / surely gaining market shares.

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Nokia E61 – BlackBerry Replacement?

Nokia started shipping the business oriented E61 phone, an WCDMA/EDGE E-mail optimized smartphone with uncompromised voice functionality. According to Nokia’s website:

Nokia email device e-61

It offers multiple e-mail solutions with rich attachment content support combined with extensive range of connectivity methods and familiar Nokia voice UI, gives mobile professionals a competitive edge.

The E-61 has a full keyboard, which has been a must-have for business users on the road. It runs on Symbian OS v9.1, (a Series 60, 3rd edition phone, in developer’s terms), and supports all the good J2ME stuff, such as Mobile Media API (JSR-135), Web Services API (JSR-172), FileConnection and PIM API (JSR-75), Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR-184), SIP API (JSR-180) etc.

This could be a serious competition to BlackBerry if Nokia can gets the wireless email experience right.

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Free BlackBerry 8700C is offering this amazing new BlackBerry 8700c device free with service purchase from Cingular.

If you are about to get a new phone, this is the latest must-have gadget: smart phone. It has amazing color display, fast EDGE network, able to run J2ME MIDP 2.0 apps. You can have both enterprise email and personal emails (such as Yahoo, Google) to follow you wherever you go automatically (they call it ‘push email’).

You can also download free ringtones and customize your phone. Free and for-fee J2ME games can also be downloaded to the 8700c device. One highly recommended app for your device is the google map client for BlackBerry. Download it from and you will be amazed at how smart and useful the app is.

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Free Digital TV on Cell Phone in Japan

Japan’s mobile TV service is not the world’s first, South Korea, Britain and several other nations offer a similar service, although with different technologies.

But the new service in Japan, which is free, will potentially reach the broadest market yet through the country’s terrestrial digital broadcast system, which relays images through the air via TV towers, not satellites. It also uses broadcasting air waves, rather than an Internet connection, to relay streaming video.

Mobile TV services such as VCast and MobiTV are generally offered at $15 per month on top of an already expensive celluar data plan. The adoption rate is understandably much lower.

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