Mobile Email is still King

September 13th, 2005

With the latest Nokia Business Center product offering, Nokia stepped up its effort in the enterprise mobile email space. The wireless email market is dominated by Research in Motion’s BlackBerry device and services with a number of smaller players such as Good Technology, Seven, Visto etc in a very competitive market.

Nokia claims that they will become the leader in the mobile email business, which has the potential of mobilizing about 650 million enterprise email accounts. By comparison, RIM has about 3 million users. Nokia positioned its product as a low cost alternative to existing solutions, the Business Center server is listed at $2,200 per 400 users.

Technologically, this is a big win for J2ME since Nokia developed its client piece in Java for all Nokia phones. The free version of the J2ME client can send and receive email while the Pro edition can access Calendar and notes as well for a fee of $65 per user.

According to RCR News:

Nokia’s strategy puts it squarely in the middle of the wireless e-mail market. RIM with its BlackBerry offering is the current market leader with more than 3 million subscribers. Both RIM and Good have positioned their offerings as platforms that can support e-mail, as well as other wireless enterprise applications. Other market players, like Seven and Visto, sell their wares on a hosted basis through wireless carriers and other vendors.

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