Advanced Smartphones Suffer From Bugs

March 31st, 2005

It seems that as cell phones get more advanced (with features such as bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SD-IO, camera etc.) they become more vulnerable to software bugs, as well as phone viruses.

T-Mobile recently pulled from its stores one of the most advanced wireless devices iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC from Hewlett-Packard Co due to software qaulity issues. But T-Mobile is not the first carrier to suffer from phone quality issues. AT&T wireless had issues with Siemens SL56, Cingular Wireless L.L.C. with the Motorola V600, T-Mobile with the Sidekick and Sprint with Treo 650 (for its roaming and memory problem, and palmOne offered a update at its website).

Software upgrades for wireless devices are becoming increasing important. Companies such as Insignia, Inc. that provide Over the Air (OTA) software upgrade capability should expect an uptake in interests from the carriers.

Incidentally, the iPAQ h6315 GSM/GPRS device features built-in 802.11b Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a camera and an SD card. The device runs Microsoft Corp.’s Pocket PC operating system and sells for $500 with a service plan from T-Mobile!

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