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February 17th, 2005

I never understood how Openwave makes money, although I know they apparently had their fame during the bubble era. Until today I read this from “The Informer”:

Meanwhile a deal between Openwave and China Unicom revealed the popularity of content services in the world’s most populous nation. Unicom, China’s second largest cellular operator, with both GSM and CDMA networks, expanded its licence for Openwave mobile internet gateways by more than 50 per cent to keep up with demand from its users for services such as news, weather and games. Openwave also announced a an agreement with Qualcomm to pre-integrate its web browser and client technology on the mighty Q’s WCDMA chipsets.

So they have both wireline and mobile solutions. But only mobile solutions is of interest to me: on the server side, Openwave have a gateway product that are used by mobile carriers; on the client side, Openwave have a micro browser that is marketed to mobile phone makers. They even have a mobile developer portal site at A developer can download Openware Mobile SDK that includes browser simulator, MMS, WAP push, location service API.

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