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January 28th, 2005

Yahoo! takes a different approch to mobile search from Google.

Unveiled on Thursday Jan 28, 2005, Yahoo! allows users to send their local search result directly to their mobile phones through SMS message. As a user, you can search Yahoo! local for restaurants of interests to you online through desktop browser and with a click of a button (link, in fact), you can have your choice of restaurants’ address sent to your mobile phone immediately. This is different from Google’s approach, where users need to send a SMS message to 46645 (i.e. GOOGL) to initiate a search. The general problem with Google’s approach is that it takes a round trip of SMS to get your result, and still you may not get the search results you are looking for. However, if Google can incorporate location information (i.e. where you are when you initiate the SMS search), that would really rock and the service would be truly mobile.

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