Two SMS a day for mobile users in China

December 19th, 2004

China’s 300+ million mobile phone users to send 220 billion (with a B) SMS this year, which translates to about 2 SMS per user per day, which translates to US $2.12 Billion in revenue to operators. This doesn’t even include revenue generated by content providers for premium contents. Amazing!

Asia Pulse reported: China’s mobile phone users are expected to send over 220 billion short messages during the year, raking about US $2.12 billion, the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) has forecast. From January to October this year, Chinese mobile phone users have sent 176.06 billion short messages, the MII said. The year end figure is expected to exceed 220 billion, an increase of about 50 billion year-on-year, it said.

If each text message costs 0.1 yuan (about 1.2 US cents), the business had generated a total of 17.6 billion yuan (aboutUS $2.12) by the end of October this year, a ministry official said.

Platforms like WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), JAVA and BREW (binary runtime environment for wireless) enable Internet-connected phone users to customise their cell phones by downloading applications, email, music and mobile games. China had 315.1 million mobile phone users as of the end of August 2004.

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