BlackBerry Looking to Expand Into Consumer Markets

Research in Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie told reuters that his company wants to expand into the consumer market by offering more media features to the world’s leading mobile email device platform.

But he denied that AppleBerry, a rumored device combining BlackBerry functionality with Apple’s iPod capability is in the making.


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Motorola Q Sales Number Not So Strong

Motorola certainly was expecting big uptake on the sleek Motorola-Q smartphone based on Microsoft’s latest Windows Mobile 5 operating system. It reportedly hoped that the sales of Moto-Q will match RAZR’s sales curve. Numbers reported by Mercury News predicts that 750k Moto-Q will be sold in the first three months, followed by 1.5 million and 3 million in each of the three months followed.

There seems to be report that moto-q sales has not gone well in that returns at Verizon has been higher than expected. An article pointed to device usability as the big factors: no touch-screen, no editing of MS office files, etc. Moreover, the non-availability on the GSM networks may have also dampened the demand.

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Cingular Launches Mini HBO Series for Cell phones

Reuters reported that Cingular Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. cell phone service, said Wednesday that cable channel HBO has produced a special mobile miniseries based on the popular show “Entourage” that extends the story beyond what is shown on television.

Cingular, a venture of AT&T Inc. (Charts) and BellSouth Corp. (Charts), and its rivals Verizon Wireless, owned by Verizon Communications Inc. (Charts) and Vodafone Group Plc (Charts), and Sprint Nextel Corp. (Charts) are all aiming to boost revenue with services such as video and music.

The wireless company said it would also show full-length episodes from the first season of “Entourage” and from other popular shows such as “Sex and the City” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

The mobile video service does not come out cheap: Cingular customers who wish to watch “Entourage” must sign up for Cingular’s $14.99 monthly media plan and its HBO premium service, which costs another $4.99 a month.

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RIM Plans BlackBerry Update

Research In Motion’s co-CEO and Chairman James Balsillie discusses a few updates for the popular BlackBerry email devices and services with’s Wayne Rash.

Highlights include:

More GSM mobile phones will be supported by the BlackBerry Connect email service.

RIM was now including virtual PBX connections for both TDM- and SIP-based phone systems so that the phone could be used directly with a company’s PBX, whether it was a legacy system or an IP PBX.

RIM would be introducing new features to BlackBerry devices, including MP3 players, video, memory expansion and image capture, very soon. In addition, he said that GPS would be included in virtually all BlackBerry devices, except for some that would work with a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Also RIM expects to release a Wi-Fi and cellular hybrid BlackBerry by end of year 2006.

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Two (2) Billion Mobile Phones

Mobile phones ranked the first in consumer electronics by the number, 2 billion, according to data collected by BusinessWeek (June, 2006).

By comparison, there are between 3-4 million blackberry email device.

About 50 million PDA devices.

About 70 million iPods.

About 190 million Game Boys.

About 820 million PCs.

The closest to Mobile Phones is TV sets, which numbers around 1.5 billion.

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