Mass Market Nokia 6085 with High End Features

Possibly positioned as a direct competition to Verizon’s Samsung Chocolate mp3 phone, the Nokia 6085 has some nice high-end features: such as support for Flash animation, a Micro-SD card slot and etereo bluetooth with MP3 playback.

Nokia 6085

The mass market features of this Nokia 6085 include a VGA camera, monochrome external display, and a FM tuner. Nokia 6085 press release.

Add comment September 14th, 2006

Palm’s New CDMA Treo 700wx

Palm releases its new CDMA Treo 700wx smartphone, an upgraded version of the Treo 700w, with double the memory to 128 MB (64MB reserved for user).

The new Treo 700wx is available through Sprint but it is on the pricey side. Without a contract, you will need to pay $649.99 for the privilege of using the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 powered smartphone. With a two year contract, the price drops to $499.99, which is still $300 more than the Motorola Q!

The display resolution of the new Treo 700wx smartphone is still 240×240, which is less advanced than Treo 650’s 320X240. The motorola-Q also has a 320X240 screen.

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LG VX8500 Chocolate Cell Phone

CNET reviews the much talked about mp3 phone from LG.

The good: The LG Chocolate VX8500 has a sharp design; satisfying overall performance; and a multimedia-rich feature set that includes Bluetooth, a digital music player, and a megapixel camera with admirable photo quality.

The bad: The LG Chocolate VX8500’s unique touch pad and controls entail a steep learning curve, and the phone suffers from poor streaming video quality and low talk-time battery life. The lack of a speakerphone is disappointing.

The bottom line: Though the LG Chocolate VX8500 is a beautifully designed and offers a respectable mix of features and performance, it doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

Full review at CNET.

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Sony announced its brandband communication device – MYLO (short for My Life Online), due to be available in retail in September.

From information on Sony’s website, the MYLO device looks like another great device. It got all the latest features a cool consumer device would have, WiFi, audio, video, picture, VoIP (i.e. Skype), instant messaging application such as Yahoo Messenger.

sony milo full keyboard

What is unknown is that who would be buying the device? Sure, Nokia’s 700 internet tablet was a success. But Sony already has the popular PSP, which has pretty much all the features the MyLO has except a full keyboard. I guess Sony is betting that people will buy yet another mobile gadget just for the sake of coolness.

Add comment August 8th, 2006

Motorola Gets Exclusive Gaming Content

Motorola and China’s Shanda annouces exclusive mobile game deals for the e680g mobile handsets:

World of Legend and Magical Land will be available exclusively for download on MIDC (Monternet’s “My E680g Zone”) and CMCC MagicBox (China Mobile’s platform for game downloads) for a period of six months. Related content like sounds, wallpapers and screensavers can be downloaded exclusively from MIDC.

Motorola e680g runs Linux on a Intel (now Marvel) XScale processor. This could be a boost to the Linux mobile phone market.

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