Cingular to Launch Blackjack (SGH-i607)

Cingular, the largest cellphone provider in the U.S. by subscribers, said the BlackJack, made by Samsung Electronics Co., will run Microsoft Corp.’s Windows mobile operating system. The device, which will only be sold through Cingular, is priced at $200 if the customer also buys a Cingular plan. It will be available beginning Nov. 16.

blackjack_cingular i607 The BlackJack, which is about half an inch thick, can wirelessly receive emails sent to work or home computers using synchronization software from Microsoft or Good Technology Inc. It has a thumb-sized Qwerty keyboard, a 2.3-inch color screen and 1.3 megapixel digital camera. The smartphone also has an MP3 music player and connects to Cingular’s wireless broadband service.

Samsung Blackjack (SGH-I607) – Features, Specs, and User Reviews – Mobiledia

November 13th, 2006

Hackable Linux Smartphone Coming

The first phone based on the open-source “OpenMoKo” platform, it will cost around $350 when launched early 2007.

The Neo1973 will also run Windows Mobile in a dual-OS support mode. The Linux version will come with SyncML based email and text messaging client, phone book, and media player. ALl open source software.

Neo1973 simple dialer SyncML messaging

More details at: nux smartphone due soon

November 9th, 2006

LG Shine Successor of the Chocolate

Today LG added a new slider phone to its Black Label Series that includes the very popular Chocolate phone. The new handset is called the LG Shine (pictured) and comes in a stainless steel casing. It’s currently only available in Korea, but will come to the UK some time early next year.

The Shine measures 51mm by 98mm by 14mm and weighs 115g. It features a mirror-like front section that hides an LCD colour screen. The front section of the phone also houses a scroll wheel for easy navigation. Hopefully, this new interface will be easier and quicker to use than the Chocolate’s.

Other features include a 2-megapixel camera, expandable memory slot and an MP3 player.

LG Shine: Photos of the Chocolate phone’s successor – Crave at

October 18th, 2006

T-Mobile USA Adds Dash Smartphone

T-Mobile USA is taking the wraps off of a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, dubbed the T-Mobile Dash. The device will be available exclusively from T-Mobile beginning Oct. 25.

The Windows Mobile-based smartphone offers an embedded instant messaging client, sports a built-in music player, features a 1.3-megapixel camera and comes equipped with an expandable memory slot. The device also features a full QWERTY keyboard.

Built-in Wi-Fi capability will enable users to gain direct access to T-Mobile hotspots. The Dash is expected to directly compete with the likes of Motorola’s Q, which also is a recently announced smartphone, and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry.

T-Mobile USA Adds Dash Smartphone

Add comment October 11th, 2006

QTek 8310 Edge and WiFi Smartphone

Qtek, the consumer brand for HTC in Europe, has this incredible Edge and WiFi Smartphone, the Qtek 8310. It is based on Windows Mobile 5 smartphone edition so it comes with mobile msn, pocket outlook, pocket office and Microsoft Media Player etc.

QTek 8310 Edge and WiFi smartphone

With its support for mp3, WMA, WAV, MPEG4, you can certainly use the device as your music phone. But it comes with only 64 mb of flash ram. For expanded storage, you have buy a separate mini-SD card. The display is now the standard QVGA 64K colors TFT LCD with LED back light.

The Qtek 8310 is not available in the United States. But since it is an EDGE Quad-band device, you can buy it from abroad and use it in the States.

Add comment October 9th, 2006

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