LG VX 8000 3G Mobile Phone

Feature highlights of the LG VX 8000 3G mobile phone.

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First True 3G Consumer Service in US

Verizon Wireless announced in the Consumer Electronics Show that they will have 3G mobile services in 30 markets in the United States starting this February. The new consumer service will called VCast, which

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Malik Reviews Nokia 6630

Malik has a nice and long review on the Nokia 6630. The Nokia 6630 is supposedly a 3G phone, which was chosen by Hong Kong’s CSL and SmartTone as their 3G phone of choice. Unfortunately AT&T wireless only has 2G service to go with the phone:-)

Read the full review.

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BenQ WiFi Phone & Kodak WiFi Camera

Las Vegas CES Show: Consumer electronics maker BenQ is showing off a new mobile phone here that combines 802.11b wireless networking capabilities and an integrated 1.3-megapixel digital camera with zoom and flash. Kodak is pre-showing its upcoming WiFi digital camera.

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New 3G Mobile Standard

Industry groups have recently announced project plans to advance the current 3G mobile standards, although practically nothing will become available to the users until 2009.

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