More Ads On the Third Screen

February 18th, 2006

Staff writer Li Yuan at the Wall Street Journal wrote about the increasing advertising on the cellphone screens.

Mobile marketing such as SMS ads has been around for a while in countries like China, where the number of cellphone users out-number the internet users (and/or computer owners) by a factor of 3 to 1. In China, it is more natuaral to use SMS from phone than using email from a computer screen.

While in the United States, the mobile marketing industry is still in its infancy as people are more glued to the second screen – the computer screen. However, that might be changing, as high-resolution camera cell phones become capable of displaying high quality images and videos, advertisers will find a way to display ads on the third screen. Services such as MobiTV (which last claimed to have over 3o mobile TV channels, and 500,000 subscribers) will certainly speedup the adoption process. Mobile portal such as is also well positioned to delivery mobile text and multi-media ads to the cellphones.

Major challenges still exist in the mobile marketing industry such as the lack of tracking ability in MobiTV’s case.

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